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 Youth Ministry News

High School Seniors, Brittany Stawovy, daughter of John and Monica Stawovy, Alexander Komacek, son of Phillip and Sally Komacek, and Sophia Yantko, daughter of Vince and Jane Yantko, were presented the Youth Ministry Honor in July, 2017, at the Youth Honors Mass at Blessed Sacrament Cathedral. Although all of these honorees are faithful in Youth Ministry in the Parish, which included many volunteer service hours, Sophia is also faithful in the ministry of altar server, Brittany, faithful in the ministry of lector, and Alexander, faithful in the ministry of altar server.

Unable to attend this presentation but also awarded the Youth Ministry Honor are Paul Amicucci, son of James and Maryann Amicucci, and Gregory Fedor, son of David and Michelle Fedor. Likewise, faithful in Youth Ministry in the Parish and the personal dedication in many volunteer service hours, Paul is also faithful in the ministry of altar server, and Gregory, faithful in the ministry of cantor and altar server.

 Youth Ministry

‚Äč"What is needed today is a church which knows how to respond to the expectations of young people. Jesus wants to enter into dialogue with them and through his body, which is the church, to propose the possibility of a choice which will require a commitment of their lives. As Jesus, with the disciples of Emmaus, the church must become today the traveling companion of young people." (Youth: Sent to Proclaim True Liberation. World Youth Day, Philippines, 1995.)

Our parish youth ministry incorporates all elements of total youth ministry, while having a lot of fun along the journey.

Senior High School Youth Ministry for teens in ninth through twelfth grade meets on the second Sunday of every month from 12:15 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. in our Conference Room.